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Here at Beiter DC Power we offer a number of auto electrical services. Your vehicle is comprised of a complex system that not everyone can understand. That is why we offer auto electric repair Lake Worth , as you do not want to cause further issues by conducting an this type of repair incorrectly.

The Top 5 Car Issues That Require an Auto Electric Repair Lake Worth

Though you put gas regularly in your car to keep it working, it also requires electricity to operate some other functions. These include powering your radio, keeping your car running, ensuring the lights work and much more. Your car is made up of a maze of fuses and wires. If any of them have an issue, it can result in a poor driving experience. If you notice any of the following 5 problems with your car, it might be time to opt for an auto electric repair.

Dead Battery

This is one of the most common issues and an obvious electrical problem. If you use your key to turn on your engine, but it won’t start, it might be a sign of battery failure. Leaving your car lights on or running your radio without starting the engine may also cause your battery to die.

Blown Fuse

Most electrical systems in your vehicle will have at least one fuse that helps control the level of current that passes through. It acts as a protector and limits the flow of electricity in case of excess current or in the case of a short circuit. If you can’t operate your power windows or notice that your blinkers aren’t working, it may be because the fuse of these independent systems is blown and needs a replacement. Luckily, this repair will not cost you a lot of money.

Bad Alternator

An alternator is connected to a belt that moves with the engine’s motion. This part produces electricity when the car’s engine gets turned on. The excess electricity generated gets stored in your car’s battery. Signs of a failed alternator include dim or flickering lights, or the engine not working suddenly. A bad alternator can also prevent your battery from recharging.

Fatigued Starter

Your car’s starter is an electric motor that helps in spinning the engine and get the pistons pumping, this is a required compression to start your car. If your car’s starter has failed, you will hear a loud clicking noise and your engine will refuse to turn on. Many times, you might also hear a series of clicks as soon as you turn on the key.

Loose Spark Plugs, Stuck Relay or Bad Battery Cables

Along with the above-mentioned issues, these are some other common problems related to electric issues with your car. Loose or dirty spark plugs can affect the operations in your car. If your car isn’t starting, a loose or bad battery cable may be the root cause and you might need to check the connections. Sometimes, the relays that are incorporated in the electric system get stuck in a particular position and it can cause damage to certain parts of the car or lead to battery drainage. Pay close attention to these symptoms of your car to properly gauge the exact source of the problem.

It is best to opt for a professional auto electric repair Lake Worth technician as soon as you notice any major or minor discrepancies in your driving experience. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our auto electrical shop by phone or fill out the form below.