Best Golf Cart Batteries for Sale in West Palm Beach

Should I Buy a Gas or Electric Golf Cart

Many have no clue what to buy when they are in the market for a golf cart. This means that you need to seek advice and think of a few things before you begin. It helps especially in the financial department when you are getting into an investment to know the answers to the pertinent questions about gas and electric golf carts. It would be a good idea to do a little research on the internet about the best golf batteries for sale in West Palm Beach that you could use.

Ask the question about the longevity you want for the cart:

If you want to buy the right golf cart for you—you’ll have to ask yourself very candidly how long you wish the golf cart to last at full or near full capacity. This is just as important for those purchasing more than one cart or a fleet of carts for commercial or personal use within the family.

Electric Carts

For electric carts, they will last well over 15 years without much issue if they are maintained properly. The electric golf carts are a few hundred dollars more than the gas ones. They set you back a bit more at the beginning but in the long haul they are the better choice for many. They run off of a 12 volt golf cart battery and they are low maintenance. You have plenty of choices for batteries for golf carts for the budget conscious buyer.

Gas Carts

Gas carts are a few hundred dollars less than an electric golf cart but—it’s the choice for those who only want about a decade to 15 years use. They also cost more in maintenance. They also require gas and just as an electric cart has to be plugged in at the end of its time that day—so too has a gas cart has to be filled up with fuel. This can also cost more than powering up the electric one.

Arguments for a Gas Cart

In regards to lifestyle these are the arguments for gas carts.

  • The family and kids are in the cart all the time as a means of main transportation.
  • You are not comfortable with electrical components
  • You will have to run into town over 10 miles in one direction at a time
  • You live on a camp ground and are charged over twenty five dollars for electric.
  • You use the cart for a limited time per year.

Arguments for an Electric Cart

    • You want smooth and uncomplex operation
    • You drive under 30 miles before fill up
    • You would like to have a faster cart that reaches a speed of over twenty five miles per hour
    • You are environmentally conscious and do not want to pollute the air with gas
    • Your neighborhood or HOA has NEV rules which are Neighborhood Electric Vehicle rules
    • You need to spend no more than $2500 for a sound cart
    • You have a low noise tolerance as gas carts are far from quiet

These arguments for each of the carts should help you decide. But, don’t let it actually limit you. It is not an absolute to agree with any of the aforementioned list of qualities here.

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