Best Golf Cart Batteries Lake Worth

The Best Golf Cart Batteries: Maintain 6-Volt Golf Cart Batteries Lake Worth For A Longer Life

The Best Golf Cart Batteries Lake Worth, Florida

Even the best golf cart batteries Lake Worth, Florida demand some attention. The 6-Volt Golf cart batteries need to be maintained regularly to get the most out of them. The electric golf carts are the low-maintenance vehicles that do not bother you unless its battery is completely worn out. However, you should properly maintain the batteries to extend the lifespan of your vehicle. Most of the golfers charge the batteries when it’s needed, but they are completely oblivious to their regular upkeep. This may deteriorate the performance of the batteries and cause problems in the electrical systems of the cart. Replacing the batteries frequently can be extremely exhausting and expensive. Thankfully, you can save all your time and efforts by maintaining and charging the batteries in a proper manner. 

The Installation:

The maintenance routine begins with the installation of your golf cart battery. With perfect installation, you can reduce many problems down the line and extend the battery life by nearly 5-7 years. In this regard, you should carefully position the battery by correct positioning of cable connectors. When you remove an old battery, clean the battery carriage, cables, and connectors to remove dust and corrosion.               You can immerse the cable connectors in a mixture of water and baking soda and air dry them. Check the water level of a new battery, secure its safety straps and tightly connect the cables to the battery terminals.

Charging the Battery:

There are specific instructions mentioned by the manufacturer for charging the golf cart batteries. You should follow these instructions for charging the batteries properly. Also, take note of the average time taken by your battery for completely charging. Remember, overcharging can damage the battery. So, you can use electric chargers that automatically turn off when the battery is fully charged. If the cart is used heavily, you may need a catch-up charge on the days when cart isn’t driving.

Watering Process:

The golf cart batteries require an electrolyte for charging and sending electricity to the battery terminals. This electrolyte is a combination of water and sulfuric acid. The water content in this solution evaporates with usage and it has to be refilled at regular intervals. The acid is stored inside the battery and it is hardly needed to be refilled. A 6-volt battery requires 6.8 quarts of water for operating at optimum level. Do not add more than 16 quarts of water to this battery during its lifetime. Preferably, you should use water having a low mineral content because minerals build up inside the battery and affect its performance.

Proper Storage:

For proper maintenance and longer life, the battery should be properly stored according to the specifications given in the user manual. In winter, store the battery in a warm place and charge it once in a month when not in use. For summer, find a cool place and regularly check the water level. The climate, storage, and usage pattern can have a huge impact on the life of batteries.

These are important steps to be taken for the maintenance of 6-volt golf cart batteries. The best golf cart batteries Lake Worth, Florida will ensure a longer lifespan and unhindered performance if maintained properly.

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