Best Golf Cart Batteries Lake Worth

Best Golf Cart Batteries Lake Worth and Winter Storage

Caring For The Best Golf Cart Batteries Lake Worth

Are you looking to purchase the best golf cart batteries Lake Worth? Even the best batteries need to be cared for correctly. The most important part of the electric golf cart is its battery.  Batteries are a lot like us, you need to keep them warm and feed them regularly to keep their internal reaction happy even though you are not using your golf cart.

Why Is Winter Care Important for Your Golf Car Battery?

Any golf cart battery that is stored for a long time without use will get discharged. A charged battery will not freeze while the discharged battery will freeze. The reason a discharged battery has less acid in the electrolyte solution than a charged battery. The result is the freezing point of the electrolyte solution is lowered.

When the battery’s electrolyte freezes it leads to cracks in the case and the internals.  Without proper winter care, you will be required to replace the golf car battery after the winter to get your golf cart going. Preventive maintenance of golf car batteries during winter storage is essential to ensure their optimum performance.

Here are some battery maintenance tips for golf cart owners that will answer the majority of questions related to winter golf cart battery storage.

Cleaning the Battery

During charging and normal operation, the batteries produce hydrogen gas that results in accumulation of acid on the top surface of the battery. The acid corrodes the terminals and also weakens the battery structure.  You need to prepare a 50/50 solution of baking soda and water and use it to neutralize the acid and wipe it from the surface.  If you leave the acid on the battery tops during winter storage, it will corrode the terminals can also cause the discharging of the battery faster than normal.

Check Battery Cables and Terminals

Make sure the battery connection and cables are corrosion free, clean and tight. If there are signs of corrosion at the terminal connection, clean it thoroughly and make it corrosion free. If the terminals are corroded, it will cause heating of cables due to high resistance and the cables will ultimately fail.  If the cables are corroded, replace them.  After cleaning the terminals apply good terminal protection before charging the battery.

Check Electrolyte Levels in Battery Cell

Before charging your golf cart battery; make sure the battery cell has correct electrolyte levels.  Don’t recharge the battery if the electrolyte level has fallen below battery plates. In simple words, the battery plates must be fully immersed in the electrolyte solution.  Low levels of electrolyte solution in the battery cell cause irreversible damage.  It reduces the capacity of the battery and also shortens battery life.  Check electrolyte levels before level. Maintain right levels of the electrolyte as the levels of electrolyte rise during charging. If you fill the battery cell with too much electrolyte, the vent caps will be forced out when the levels will rise and the electrolyte will overflow causing a mess.

Pay Attention to Tow Switch

Ensure the Tow/Run Switch is at the “tow maintenance storage” position.  When the switch is a Tow position, the regenerative braking system gets disabled, which remove the load from the system. If you fail in this, your golf car batteries will get completely discharged in a few weeks.


Charge the battery fully before winter storage. Recharge the battery every month during winter storage. Imagine replacing golf cart batteries after every winter season, it can be a costly affair that can be easily avoided by preventive winter care.

Even the best golf cart batteries Lake Worth need to be stored and maintained with care. Follow these tips and your battery investment will last you for years to come.