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Everything You Need to Know About Your Car Battery

So, you’re running along on your daily grind and all of a sudden the car battery goes dead and you need to replace it by finding the lowest car battery price in West Palm Beach. This happens routinely each day to so many people it’s untrue and it’s one of the leading reasons why you see people stuck on the road apart from flat tires.  Knowing a few things before you head out each day would help you to catch, prevent or be prepared for a problem.

  • Know the age of your battery: Is your car brand new? Well, then you probably have no issue with battery age and you’ll have some good time before you’ll have a cheapest car batteries replacement. But, if you own a used car, even if you bought it from a lot that told you they put another cheapest car battery in—unless you have the paperwork stating how new it is and where they got it—you won’t want to trust that. Get a brand new battery for an old car.
  • Get the alternator tested: This is another good insider tip. Many people who buy used cars are unaware that if the alternator is too old and it dies the battery won’t receive a charge. This means when the car stops they run and get a new battery without testing the alternator. The car won’t run or you’ll have used up the charge at just the right time {not} in the middle of the road and don’t know why. Here’s the tip-off that it may be the alternator. The car just stops and all the electrics stop as well. When you try and turn the engine over—you get nothing but clicks. This is a pretty good sign that it’s not just the battery. Bottom-line. Used car—get the alternator tested.
  • Fluid Levels: Learn what type battery you have. For most new cars you don’t have to worry about fluid levels as they don’t call for it. On a used car though you may just have to look at the transparent part of the battery and gauge if the fluid level is high enough. If not, you need to fill that otherwise they can explode. If nothing else they’ll die.
  • Observe the Battery Shape: If the batteries for cars looks as if it swallowed something and you’ve got bulges and such then this is a sign the battery is bad. In fact, replace it now even if you can only manage to get a rebuilt one—it’s better than one that can leak and cause a danger.
  • Replace it by age 3: Awe poor tyke, barely saw a life… No, don’t feel guilty. In battery years this old man, needs to retire and quickly.
  • Smell rotten eggs? There may be corrosion that naturally builds up around the charging points where you put the charging cables. This can be removed with steel wool and baking soda but if you aren’t adept at doing that, get a pro to do it. It’s not expensive.

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