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Troubleshooting the Electric Golf Cart

So you bought an Yamaha electric golf cart. Congratulations, you have taken part in the most ecological way to get around town as well as one electric golf cart of the cheapest. We’re happy to say that we do carry and service the best golf cart batteries in West Palm Beach so if you’re local we have your back. And if you’re not, subscribe and get troubleshooting tips like this one.

How to Troubleshoot an Electric Golf Cart:

If you lose power to your electric golf car it could be happening for a variety of reasons. In owning a golf cart you should also own a 120 volt tester. The first thing that should be tested is the wall socket that you plug your golf cart in at night or when a re-charge is needed. This part is simple—if you don’t get a reading then it means the source of the issue is the wall socket. This means it either needs to be replaced or it just blew a fuse. This should be tested first. Go to the fuse box and reset the switch. If you don’t know what you’re doing then ask someone or an electrician. If the reset works then you are good to go. But, for future reference—consult your owner’s manual for what you’re not supposed to run while your golf cart is charging. You’ve blown the fuse somehow and you don’t want to risk a power surge that can potentially damage the inside mechanism of the cart. You also want to know if a power surge caused the issue in the first place. Safety first—and if you are having random power surges you’ll want to address that pronto.

Next; if you are not getting a reading and the fuse box has been reset but delivers no charge then you have to replace the wall socket. Do not let anyone but an electrician replace the box.

Use your Battery Tester:

Test the leads on the golf cart batteries. Expose the battery and take your flat head screwdriver and turn the clamp counter clockwise for both of the clamps. They’ll be wire leads on your 12 volt tester. You should have one of those upon buying the golf cart. Touch each of the leads to the clamp. If it reads less than 12 volts then a battery replacement is needed. You can bring the cart in for the shop to do it but you can also get a battery from the shop and just simply slide it in and replace the clamps—it’s that simple.

Reset the Motor:

Do this by removing the casing that will be held together by at least 4 screws, maybe more. You’ll have to remove those with a Phillips head screwdriver. Once the casing is off—the motor will have reset buttons clearly marked for you to switch. Go ahead and rest it. Call us if those fail we’re here to help.

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