Car batteries

Being stranded is something that no one wants to experience. We carry a variety of automotive battery brands, which can be utilized in a number of applications.

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We lead busy lives, and it is always great to escape reality. This is why so many people turn to boating or hitting the open road in their RV.

Golf Cart

Your Battery is an essential part of your golf cart. No one wants their day of play interrupted by a battery that isn’t charged or functioning correctly.

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Antique Auto Repair

They don’t make automobiles like they use to, and it is getting harder and harder to find individuals who are able to make repairs on these timeless treasures. Do you have an old relic that needs brought back to life? We specialize in antique auto repair. Let’s face it, these machines are a part of history, and preserving them helps us remember where we have been and where we are going. If you have an antique auto repair, give us a call.

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Auto Electric

When it comes to auto electric offerings, you can count on us. Explore our services and products now, as we cater to a variety of applications.

auto electric
Alternator and Starter

We have you covered when it comes to alternator and starter issues. Nothing is worse then having an issue you can’t solve, and we excel in this area.

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Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is gaining popularity among individuals, as well as small and large corporations. We carry a number of products that will cater to all of your solar needs.

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Find all of your electric scooter needs right here at Beiter DC Power. We offer top brand batteries that will cater to your scooter applications. Keep your kids happy and safe with a top of the line electric scooter battery.


Uninterrupted Power Supply, also known as UPS, is designed to keep your systems running during a power outage. It serves as a battery backup, which means your business doesn’t have to stop when power is down.

Alarm and Security Systems

We have a variety of alarm and security products which can be utilized in your home or business. Shop our line of alarm/security offerings, which includes systems, remotes, monitors and much more.