Car Batteries Lake Worth

Purchasing Car Batteries Lake Worth, FL

Car Batteries Lake Worth

Where can you find car batteries Lake Worth offers? There are many things that are invaluable to the operation of your car like gas, your battery, and your engine. Through proper maintenance you can ensure that your car is running properly for a long time, but if there is an issue where can you find automotive parts in your area?

Thanks to the internet you will find that Beiter DC Power is a one stop shop for many of your automotive needs. There are many reviews online that list us as one of the top spots to purchase car batteries in the area. We want you to get the most life out of your car battery, because these batteries can set you back a hundred dollars. Below, we discuss some of the top maintenance tips in the industry to keep your car battery running smoothly.

Check Your Cables

Your cables are responsible for sending a power of current from your battery to your engine. So, the first thing that you should do with your batter, is check to make sure that the cables have a clean connection to the battery posts. With the weather, and dirt and grime from the road, it is common to see corrosion on the battery posts. You can wipe away any dirt, and if you see corrosion you can use diet soda to clean the posts. Do not use regular soda, as this will make the batter sticky from the sugar.

Check the Water Level

There are covers to some battery cells that can be easily removed. However, if you have a no-maintenance battery this is a step that is completely unnecessary. If you are going to add water, make sure that it is distilled. Also, keep an eye on the levels, so that you don’t overfill. If you are adding water, make sure to let the water and electrolyte mix for a few hours before you check the overall charge and condition of the batter.

What is the Charge?

There is a hydrometer that you can use to the electrolyte in the cells of your battery. You will squeeze the tube on the inside of the cell to draw up a little bit of the water. Once you get the reading off the hydrometer you will squirt the water back into the cell. Testers have been calibrated for batteries that sit around 80 degrees. For every 10 degrees over 80 you’ll add 0.04, and for 10 degrees below you will subtract 0.04. A battery that is fully charged should have a reading of 1.265 or more. If the reading is around 1.2, you need to recharge or buy a new battery.


What Are Signs my Battery is Failing?

If you’re driving down the road and your headlights are dimming, this could be a sign that you need a new batter. Also, if it takes a while to crank your car, you might have an issue. Make sure you pay attention to any electronic issues while you’re driving your car. Contact us at Beiter DC Power if you’re looking for the best car batteries Lake Worth has.