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How to Change an Alternator on a Motorcycle

Motorcycles have gotten a bit more complicated in recent years. In years past, you could tinker and fix your motorcycle by yourself with no issue in your own garage unless you needed to have your razor scooter battery in West Palm Beach replaced. But, models are now built for performing different tasks. This means one style for touring and another for racing. They all have much the same parts but they are stored in casings that are made to keep some bikes like those made by BMW at a whisper-quiet pitch. So, this means a bit more complication in getting to the tinkering or electric scooter battery replacement specialists. Here we’ll go through how to change an alternator on your motorcycle for a basic, uncomplicated model.

The first thing you’ll need to do is remove any of the exhaust panels and fixtures off the bike so you can get to the alternator. You may want to consult the owner’s manual as to which side the alternator is on. It’s typically on the left but if you have a touring model you may have it on the right.

After that—grab a drip pan and place it under the bike and unscrew the oil container. Drain all the oil out and replace the cap. You’ll need a socket wrench for this task.

Flip up the alternator cover. Now, you’ll need an Alan key to remove the magnetic stater. Now remove the stater by pulling it out straight. Now you can replace it with the new stater and re-bolt it in place with the Alan key. The alternator cover will need a new gasket to be put over top of the cover.

Now for the flywheel rotor. This is the last move. You need a socket wrench for this task. Remove the flywheel mounting bolt and pull the flywheel rotor off. You’ll see all this on the exposed crankshaft. Now, install the new fly wheel rotor and tighten the bolts.

Replace the alternator cover lightly bolted at first. You have to plug the alternator into the wiring harness. Now, go to back to the bolts and in a crisscross motion start tightening the bolts.

Now you have to put oil back into the bike. Do not reuse old motor oil. Remove the oil cap again and insert a funnel. Pour only fresh oil in until full. Do not overfill—just in case this is your first go at this. Replace the oil cap. Make sure you thoroughly clean all areas that oil may have dripped away from the oil tank. Do this only with a clean towel and no soap or water on the exposed parts.

Reinstall your exhaust and body to their original position and you are as good as gold. If any of these steps were at all intimidating and you are as in love with your bike as we think you are. Bring it into the shop where one of our razor electric scooter battery specialists will be glad to replace the motorcycle alternator for you there.

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