6 Volt Golf Cart Batteries

Do You Need to Replace Your 6 Volt Golf Car Batteries?

6 Volt Golf Car Batteries

If you own a golf cart, you will probably need to replace 6 volt golf cart batteries now or sometime in the future. A good quality golf cart battery can last up to 9-10 years provided you maintain proper condition of the battery through monthly maintenance. Before you take the decision to buy a battery, make sure there is no way other than replacement.

Testing Your Battery

Golf cart generally has 12V or 6V batteries. Get your golf cart battery tested from professional to know the condition of the battery. You can also do it by yourself but you will need a hydrometer to test the condition of the battery. The hydrometer is used to test the state of charge in each battery cell by checking the gravity of the electrolyte solution. Higher the gravity, higher will be the density of the electrolyte solution which will result in a higher state of charge. Before testing the battery, charge it fully and let it sit it idle for at least 12 hours and then begin the testing.

The following table will give you reference readings that can be compared with the reading you get on your hydrometer.

State of charge

Specific GravityVoltage


  • Test each battery cell of your golf cart battery. Remove the vent cap and insert the hydrometer to draw the electrolyte solution. Note down the cell and readings for each one. The difference between hydrometer readings should not be more than .05
  • The digital voltmeter readings should be similar to the ones shown in the above table

If the hydrometer readings and digital voltmeter readings are more similar to the table above, your battery is more likely in good condition. Else you need to buy a new golf cart battery.

If you are looking to purchase a golf cart battery, the following tips will help you make the right choice.

Find out Your Golf Cart Battery Configuration

Golf carts have different battery configuration which depends on the make and model of golf cart. You can always find details about the golf cart’s electrical system voltage and battery type through the golf cart manual. You will also find this information on the battery.

 Buying a Golf Cart Battery

When purchasing a golf cart battery pay attention to following things

  • Battery Voltage
  • Amp hour rating
  • Physical size
  • Terminal Type
  • Cable hook up

This is important because the batteries of the same voltage and amp rating from different manufacture might vary in sizes and terminal types. To avoid any misfit, pay attention to all aspects of the battery during purchase.

Other Important Things to Remember

The freshness of the battery is very important. Ask for a battery which has a latest manufacturing date. The battery gets discharged even when sitting on the shelf. If the battery is not recharged for a long time, a damaging sulfation builds up on the plates that affect battery life and capacity. The month of manufacture is represented by the alphabets on 6 volt golf cart batteries – A for January, B- February and so on. The year is represented by a digit. If it is 4, the battery is manufactured in 2004.

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