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Rebuilt Starters Lake Worth

We’ve all been there. You go to start your car and find out that it just won’t turn on. After the initial panic subsides, you start to investigate what the issue could be. After you check the battery, and try to get your car jumped off, you find that your car still won’t start. It is at this point that you consider the starter. Rebuilt starters Lake Worth shops provide might be a little questionable, so how do you know where to start? Below we share important information that will help you select the right shops and the right manufacturer of starters.

What does a starter do?

The starter is the mechanical proponent to your engine starting. So, as long as you have gas getting to your engine power, and the starter your car should start. Many people test the starter out by using a device to test the battery and alternator. However, if you don’t have this device there are signs that the starter is bad.

Signs your starter is bad

  • Grinding noise: If you go turn your key over and you hear a grinding noise, it’s a pretty good indication that your starter doesn’t work. If you’ve ever tried to crank your car, while it is already on, you know what this noise sounds like.
  • Freewheeling: If you go to crank the engine and you hear a whining noise without any cranking, your gear isn’t engaging. If you hear this, you need to get a new starter as soon as possible.
  • Smoke: If you ever see smoke around your car, you immediately know that something isn’t right. If your starter has shorted out, it could smoke. You might also smell something burning, either of these signs is bad news. Stop trying to crank your car, and get it over to the shop.
  • Oil Soaks: Your starter is usually located at the bottom of your engine, so if your motor is leaking oil it could damage your starter. Find the source of the leak to see if this helps your starter, but you’ll probably have to replace it.
  • Bad Solenoid: This is responsible for transmitting current from the batter to the starter. If the solenoid doesn’t work, then your starter isn’t going to work. Once you try to start your car, jiggle the gear shift. If your engine won’t crank, you might have a problem with the solenoid.

A rebuilt starter?

It might sound crazy to put a rebuilt part in your car, but people do it all the time. It saves you money, and these parts operate just as efficiently as brand-new parts. Next time you’re at your shop, make sure to ask if they offer any rebuilt parts to save yourself some money.

When selecting rebuilt starters Lake Worth offers, you can be confused where to go. At Beiter DC Power we have a reputation in the industry for our standards of service. We want you to be safe on the road, at affordable pricing. Contact us today to ask about any of your automotive needs. Don’t forget to check our inventory while you’re on the phone with one of our specialists.