High Quality Electric Golf Carts in Wellington

Pros and Cons of Gas and Electric Golf Carts

There are many ways that a golf cart can and will enhance your lifestyle. Getting around a big property that has everything you need right electric golf cartsthere is all the rave for having a golf cart. But, it’s not a cheap purchase and nor should it be taken lightly. The more you know what the pros and cons are about electric golf carts in Wellington, the better off you’ll be. Here we will give you the basics to start from.

Pros of Electric Golf Carts

The electric golf cart has several good arguments for it. First it’s cleaner to operate. It wastes nothing in the air so if you are big on green, then this may be the option to consider for you. Second, the power source is cheaper than gas as well. The biggest investment you’ll make is having the new battery; however, we can provide a high-quality refurbished golf cart batteries if need be. So, that makes the most expensive object a breeze.

Cons of the Electric Golf Cart

Used Electric golf carts for sale are not really up to the task of going up-hill very well. They also don’t move very fast and will have an issue with negotiating more than 40 miles of terrain. Gas is also much easier to find than the proper electrical outlet should you get stuck. So, the convenience factor is something to consider for this one. They do have some great pros but the cons can outweigh them if your lifestyle isn’t a match.

Pros of Gas Golf Carts

The very first thing to think about is where you’ll be using the golf cart. If you are going to be using it on an Island or some remote area where you only get electricity via generators then gas may be for you. Another really positive pro is you will have the horsepower you need to get around and up-hill and other rough terrain.

Cons of Gas Carts:

There are several drawbacks about the gas golf cart. The first thing to consider is that in parts of some states the gas ones have been banned because of pollution concerns. The second drawback is that they can leak oil and other lubricants that will stain the surface of wherever they are parked. They need maintenance that a car would and that gets costly. They have all the same moving parts as a car because they are essentially miniature cars. The next thing to consider is that they are much louder than their electric counterparts. That nice hum and occasional beep will be replaced by a car engine sounding noise. If you are using them on a golf course this is annoying and distracting. If you are using one in a residential area well, you may get some complaints.

These are all great considerations. So to recap. Think first of where you’ll be using the golf cart. Then go to your budget. We think the electric golf cart for sale may win out.

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